Runner's Glue FAQ

  • Q: What are tcx files? tcx files are a standard way to store GPS and heart rate data from a workout. Most websites that host workout data (i.e., Strava, RunKeeper, etc...) will allow you to manually upload a tcx file.
  • Q: Why aren't any of my workouts showing up? There a two possible reasons. Runner's Glue only shows runs, walks, and bike rides with GPS data. So, if you have indoor workouts or you are doing something else they won't show up. Another reason could be that you didn't allow (or disabled) sharing Apple Health. To fix this, go to the App "Health," then "Sources." Click on "Runner's Glue" and allow all requested permissions.
  • Q: Will you support directly services other than Strava? Maybe? I made this for my wife, myself, and all of my friends. We all use Strava. You can use tcx files for other services, but I know that is clunky. Not all workout sites have good tools that I can use to upload files automatically. If a lot of people want it, then perhaps I can be peer pressured into it. But, if there isn't demand, then no.
  • Q: Will you ever make an Android version? No. I know how to make Android apps in theory, but I don't want to. Also, the primary reason to use Runner's Glue is in conjunction with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is so far beyond anything Android has that I don't think it'd be worthwhile. If you use Android and want something simliar, then go buy a Garmin watch. They are great pure-GPS watches.